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Moose Corporation Co.,LTD (HQ)

Location : 31 SoiSatriwittaya 2 Soi 29 LadpraoLadprao Bangkok 10230
Tel. 02-0051942 E-mail: lvtmoose@gmail.com
Taxpayer Indentification No. 0105562092904



We are Moose Corporation, a company which manufactures and distributes interior decoration materials in Thailand. Moose Luxury Vinyl Tile is a brand under operation of Moose Corporation. It is a high quality vinyl flooring tile, which is manufactured by a qualified manufacturing factory in China. The factory has a great reputation in producing the products for many well-known brands globally, such as in Europe and United States of America. The Moose Luxury Vinyl Tile passes the quality tests in Europe, USA, and Kasetsart University in Thailand.


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